REPORT: EE MUSIC Workshop, Bucharest, October 27th, 2015,The Institute

EE Music workhsop in Bucharest was a very special event, facilitated by Green Revolution, Romania, with the support of United Partners, Bulgaria. The workshop was held at the The Institute - an ecosystem for creative industries in Romania and broughttogether Romanian club and venue managers, and events organisers a new topic to think of.

A brief presentation of the idea of the aim of the event was made by Raluca Fiser, general manager of Green Revolution, providing the ideas and practices of energy efficiency in Romania. Besides, she talked about the barriers and opportunities which the music event production in Romania faces when it comes on energy efficiency.

Connecting them with music was indeed a completely new direction of energy efficiency and the workshop was seen as a possibility to start thinking differently, to include energy efficiency ideas in areas such as art, culture and particularly music industry. It was done by Martha Bissmann from WIP Renewable Energies, Munich, as an initiator of the EE MUSIC who presented the project, its structure, activities and outputs all over Europe.


The main part of the workshop was concentrated on the hot spots of energy saving in clubs and
festivals, and the bigger picture was thoroughly presented and developed by Jacob Bilabel, Thema1
GmbH, Berlin. He pointed to the need of systematic work, management systems and importance of
effective planning in order to be energy efficient in music events organisation. Mr. Bilabel presented
and offered practical and easy to do solutions, custom made to music clubs and events.
His presentation was followed by MAINOI initiative on their energy efficient practice held within
Electric Castle Festival in Romania. Beatrice Gabor and Nicoleta Cirjan shared their practical
experiences of dealing with the topic of energy efficiency at a big outdoor festival. Their educational
project showed how easy it was to provide alternatives for savings and efficiency during a festival.
Martha Bissmann and Jacob Bilabel copresented the IG Tools - the sector specific CO2 calculator - to
the workshop participants. They guided them interactively through the club version of the tools and
also pointed to the festival and special events versions of it.
EE MUSIC workshop was an unique event, one of its kind in Romania, bringing a fresh and new
knowledge for club managers and promoters. The attendance was very good and there was a good
media campaign around it, informing public about the topic and its importance. EE MUSIC workshop
in Bucharest was the first step to start thinking of energy efficiency practices in the context of music
sector in Romania. Participants broadened their horizons and got a new perspective on energy saving
in the music industry.

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