REPORT: EE MUSIC Workshop Bilbao, Spain, 1st June 2015

On the 1st of June 2015, took place the EE MUSIC Workshop in Bilbao in BilboRock, a church
restored for concerts and events clubs, organized by Antonio Cañas Rojas from Greenize – the
Spanish EE MUSIC Ambassador – in cooperation with other partners such as TerraSystemics,
WIP Renewables Energies and Elevate.
The workshop was led by experts from the EE MUSIC project such as Martha Bissmann, Joana
Martins and Antonio Cañas, which showed to the audience how important is to consider
energy management in the music industry and the role of the EE MUSIC project to promote
this sustainable strategy in the music culture all over Europe.
This event gathered together a very participative and diverse mix audience of Spanish festival
promoters, club managers, festival producers/technicians, professionals from music industry,
and festivals/music lovers that shared their knowledge and experience on energy efficiency
issues for outdoor and indoor music events.
Juan Resines from Ebrovision and Innevento emphasized that “of course the production of a
great show is and must be the central objective, but that this does not mean that efficiency
should be abandoned. In the 15 years he has helped organise the Ebrovision festival, the event
has continued to improve and refine its environmental strategies, largely based on
environmental studies the festival has commissioned – once again demonstrating the power of
data and how it is important to understand impacts before you can address them”.

Later Eduardo Diego López from Power ED spoke as technical installer, focused on major
events. He said the difficulties get to optimize the consumption and tune in energy
procurement. Also he spoke from his experience on good practices done to save consumer
From his long experience as technician, Eduardo was able to put emphasis in how important
is to design in advance the installations energy requirements, not to oversize equipment.
This speech was focused on the importance of considering energy efficiency matters in first
stages when planning a festival.
Following the presentation of Eduardo Diego López held a roundtable with directors and
promoters of events on the problems and needs found. In the same part Juan Resines, Karim
Asry (Espacio Open) and Raul Montouto (Beste Jack), which did not hesitate to join Antonio
Cañas, also organizing a host of events. The roundtable was interesting, sustainable issues
addressed in events and cultural spaces, offering alternatives and bridges of collaboration. It
was curious and valuable interaction which it was generated between speakers and attendees.
As a general consideration, all members of this round table spoke about the importance of
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and monitoring data in Creative
Industries and the role they could play as driving force of sustainability matters into their
On the afternoon session at Bizkaia Creativa (BEAZ) Hall – the main sponsor of the workshop
– participants gained knowledge about the EE MUSIC IG Tools, which is a calculator that
measure the energy efficiency of your festival, club or venue, and let you compare your energy
data over time and within the music sector. An interactive session on IG Tools was carried out
between the participants.
The venue was also prepared with the “Arts and Sustainability in Music” exhibition. For one
week the “EE MUSIC Aura” exhibition of Florian Puschmann and Jorge López de Guereñu’s
work “Lo que pinto, lo que escucho, lo sostenible” coincided at the Bizkaia Creativa Hall. Here
you can see more about the EE MUSIC Aura exhibition.
You can see more about the workshop here: Video of the EE MUSIC Worshop in Bilbao, Spain.
If you are interested in a more general explanation of what can be done to save energy, money
and CO2 in festivals, clubs and venues than have a look at our training handbooks:
- Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Use for Festivals and Outdoor Events: Training
Handbook (EN) (Download)
- Energy Efficiency for Small and Medium Sized Clubs and Venues: Training
Handbook (EN) (Download)
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