EE MUSIC Launch France

EE MUSIC was launched in France on Friday the 30th of May at the European Lab, as part of the Nuits Sonores festival in Lyon. The event took place on the rooftop of Le Sucre and assembled music promoters, bookers and other insiders.







Matt Black (Photo, Coldcut) and Melville Bouchard (Heart of Glas Festival) dealt with sustainable energy solutions for music events and the role of artists in important socio-political topics

Former Universal Music Manager and founder of the Green Music Initiative Jacob Bilabel discussed his own achievements in the field of green event productions, best practice cases and the difficulties he and other consultants face. Melville Bouchard presented the many sustainability measures he and his team have implemented at the French festival Heart of Gold, Heart of Glass. He also dealt with the business reality of the sector. In his emotional talk Matt Black from Coldcut spoke about the role of artists in environmental issues. Among other things he presented parts of the Energie Union Projekt, where Coldcut presented a multimedia show which dealt with European-wide, renewable energy sources. He also expressed his personal motivation to use music as a means of environmental protection, such as when he produced the legendary rainforest hymn Timer on behalf of Greenpeace in 1999. Our speakers presented multiple perspectives on the topic of sustainable energy use at music events.








We debuted the EE MUSIC Exhibition in which the future of music events is illustrated in the context of sustainable energy solutions

For the first time visitors were allowed the pleasure of beholding the EE MUSIC Exhibition - different balloons filled with helium which compared the CO2 emissions of a single festival ticket (per capita) in the UK with other every day life products and activities.


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