Global2000 Tomorrow Festival, AT

Global2000 Tomorrow Festival is an indoor/outdoor-based festival in Zwentendorf an der Donau, Austria. The festival sells just over 4000 tickets each year and hosts a variety of musical genres including electro, pop, hip-hop, techno and psytrance. Organized by Green Planet, it is situated on the site of a nuclear power plant that never opened due to a popular vote preventing its operation in the 1970s. Also situated on site today is one of Austria’s largest solar PV power installations, operated by utility company EVN.

The majority of the festival’s daytime energy demand is covered directly trough this solar power plant, while at night the festival site is supplied through grid energy also provided by EVN. However, this is not quite sufficient to cover the entirety of the festival’s energy needs.

The remaining energy demand is met through generators running on waste-oil-diesel or regional plant-diesel (“recotrol classic” - a biogenic diesel fuel). The generators are specified to meet high energy efficiency and technical standards and are equipped with particle filters. EVN supports the monitoring and measuring of the festival’s energy use by providing meters.

The Production Manager is responsible for overseeing the energy supply (electricity, diesel generators etc.) and the Stage Manager is responsible for the equipment and managing energy use.

Global2000 Tomorrow Festival, AT

Global2000 Tomorrow Festival utilizes a variety of energy saving initiatives, including energy efficient lighting and LED stage lighting, with the intention of reducing energy demand (if possible) to the extent where the festival no longer requires generators to provide additional power.

Going forward, one staff member will also have the overall responsibility for monitoring and measuring total energy consumption across the festival and compiling a festival power demand analysis. As part of this, the energy use of different areas (e.g. main stage, catering, office, etc.) will be monitored to identify hot spots and contribute to future reduction strategies.

To raise audience awareness of environmental issues the festival hosts a specific NGO area with both national and international organisations represented (e.g. Carbon Footprint, WWF, and Greenpeace), where there will be a variety of discussions and workshops on environmental topics including energy. For example, at the 2014 edition a discussion with expert speakers is planned on the implications of a plan to store nuclear waste in the Czech Republic close to the Austrian border. There is also a “Bike-Disco” where audience members have to cycle to produce energy in order to listen to the music.

In 2013, the festival was certified with the Austrian certification for green events, also known as „Österreichisches Umweltzeichen für Green Events,” which is assessed and controlled by the Austrian Environmental Agency.

Thanks to the Global2000 Tomorrow Festival for the information contained in this case study.



The majority of the festival’s energy demand is covered by regional sustainable energy provider EVN, via EVN’s on-site photovoltaic power plant.

External communication

Global2000 Tomorrow Festival takes advantage of the communications opportunity offered by its site (an abandoned nuclear plant) to host and start discussions around energy and environmental topics, also providing space for environmental NGOs to reach out to the festival’s audiences.


The festival is planning a site-wide festival power demand analysis to identify opportunities for reduction. This is of particular interest as the festival is trying to minimize the use of generating sets and rely instead on the on-site solar PV and grid energy.

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