Band on the Wall

Band on the Wall is a not-for-profit venue run by registered charity Inner City Music. It presents the best music from around the world and main stage events are supported with a dynamic education programme which operates throughout the year in the venue, in the community and at local schools. The values of the organisation have always been about providing access to good music with minimal impact on the environment and consideration about the ethics of how things are run and who they work with.

Band on the Wall has an environmental policy and action plan in place, and have an internal Environmental Management System (EMS) through which the green champion drives forward progress. All employees are aware of the environmental policy and are given training upon joining the organisation.

They support local suppliers with an environmentally efficient approach. Their electricity supplier is Green Energy, a small, independent energy supplier that sources 100% renewable electricity supply for its customers. Gas is supplied by The Co-operative Energy , an independent supplier considered more ethical than the ‘big six’ energy suppliers in the UK.

Band on the Wall currently holds a Bronze Award with the Environmental Business Pledge, an initiative of Manchester City Council and Groundwork that awards qualifying companies and organisation with bronze, silver or gold awards depending on their environmental performance.

On retrofitting the building, the old dance floor that was removed during the process, was used to make table tops. The retrofit including adding PIR sensors for the lighting and additional insulation measures were added to the main venue’s walls and roof space.

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