EE MUSIC Festival Training, Amsterdam

At the ADE Green 2014, EE MUSIC will host a training event concerning the energy use of outdoor festivals. On Wednesday, 15 October 2014 ADE and ID&T will present the second edition of ADE Green at a brand new location; de Brakke Grond. Expect an afternoon of interactive panels and discussions that will leave you full of new ideas, workshops on how to get your hands dirty to help create a more climate-friendly future for your event, as well as inspiring folks who will share their experiences, ideas and knowledge with you.


About EE MUSIC Festival Training Events

EE MUSIC Festival Training Events provide practical insights for cost-saving and environmentally friendly energy use for festival and event promoters and technical staff. Experts from the Green Music Initiative and Julie's Bicycle are working together with energy consultants from professional energy agencies to produce a training event which highlights factors that should be taken into account when holding outdoor events with temporary energy use. The training is designed for event managers, producers and technical staff, who want to learn about energy efficiency and acquire the latest insights and tools and ways of thinking. EE MUSIC experts give an introduction to the subject; pre-knowledge on sustainability is not required.

As we know from previous publications of EE MUSIC partners Julie's Bicycle and the Green Music Initiative, outdoor events have an immense energy saving potential that remains largely untapped: commonly over-sized diesel generators are used, staff is not trained for energy efficient behaviour and equipment lacks efficiency. This happens even though energy is among the five largest expenditures for outdoor events and power use can be reduced by 20% - 30% by employing only simple energy saving measures.

A variety of these measures will be shared in the course of the EE MUSIC Festival Training at ADE; one example is the cost-free carbon calculator, EE MUSIC IG Tools, set cut for the needs of music events, which will be presented. Participants will also be able to sign up for the EE MUSIC Members List to get support from EE MUSIC experts and gain the access to all EE MUSIC IG Tools.
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About ADE Green

ADE Green is a collaboration between ID&T and ADE, together with EE Music, GO Group Green Music Initiative and Julie’s Bicycle. Always wanted to go green, but don’t know where to start? Or already on your way and eager to share ideas with the electronic music community? Join us at ADE Green!

ADE Conference: ID&T and ADE present: ADE Green
15 October, 12.00 - 18.00. Drinks afterwards!
Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond Tickets: €20, available here


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