REPORT: EE MUSIC Train-the-Expert, France

26 January 2015 / 11:00 - 17:00 

Bureau Du VIIIème (La Boutique des Vins); 33, rue de l'Arcade - 75008 - Paris

On the 26 January, Teresa Agudo and Chiara Badiali from Julie’s Bicycle hosted an EE MUSIC Train-the-Expert event for France, gathering together representatives from organisations including Green Evénements (a consultancy for green events and official EE MUSIC Energy Consultant for France), RiF (a Lille-based association working on sustainable development in culture), SolarSoundSystem (an arts/engineering project developing mobile solar-powered sound systems and otherwise engaged in energy sustainability), PrestaDD (a sustainability certification system for suppliers), Heart of Glass Heart of Gold (an alternative music festival in Ardèche) , Le Grand Mix (a music venue close to Lille), and more.

We found that France already has a very healthy ecosystem of organisations working in sustainable development in culture on a regional (and sometimes national) level, but one of the things felt to be lacking are more spaces and opportunities for exchange, networking, and joined-up collaboration among them.

It is also notable that in France, environmental sustainability is rarely addressed in isolation: there is a very strong culture of combining all three pillars of sustainable development (social, environmental, and financial), to also encompass e.g. governance, social impact, and worker’s rights.

Some particular challenges on integrating energy efficiency into music event production that were highlighted include:

  • A lack of support from local authorities and councils who frequently own arts and cultural spaces for capital development works and other medium-to-large-scale investment (e.g. LED lighting) – despite their outwards claims of support for environmental sustainability. It was suggested that through the use of the EE MUSIC IG Tools and more systematic reporting, it might be possible over time to build up an evidence base to demonstrate that ‘quick win’ improvements and savings have already been made and that there is engagement and interest on the ground, to make a more solid case for further investment.
  • The French electricity grid is not very carbon intensive due to the large amount of nuclear power used in the country (0.061 kg CO2 per kWh, compared to e.g. the UK’s 0.537 kg CO2 per kWh or Germany’s 0.477 kgCO2 per kWh), so that measuring impacts in terms of carbon is not as useful a driver to make the case for efficiency and renewable energy. 
  • A lack of demand for energy efficiency from clients i.e. events organisers, so that venues do not feel pressured to make changes. It was suggested that by engaging and talking about it, venues can work towards creating this demand and be leaders in the space, rather than risk falling behind developing trends. 

We hope to maintain this dialogue through EE MUSIC, and that those present will continue to seek out further opportunities for meetings, exchange and future working.

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Event Details

Rising energy costs and an increased interest in environmental sustainability is making sustainable energy management a growing topic of importance in the music event production industry, but there is frequently a knowledge barrier preventing effective action. EE MUSIC is looking to scale up existing good practice and skills across Europe among event organisers, venue owners, and energy consultants.

 This free day-long event is a chance to gain insight into the specialist knowledge and data on energy use in clubs/venues and at festivals built up by EE MUSIC partners Julie’s Bicycle and the Green Music Initiative over the past 7 years. 

This event is aimed at energy consultants who do not have experience working with the music event industry, as well as venue and club facilities managers and production professionals with an interest in acting as ‘multipliers’ for good practice in the industry. 

Speakers: Chiara Badiali and Teresa Agudo, Julie's Bicycle

Please note: this event will be hosted in English, although Teresa will be on hand to translate anything into French if necessary! We will also have French versions of some of the training materials available.


 Please note that spaces are extremely limited: contact to register.



11:15 - Welcome

11:20 - Introduction to the EE MUSIC project

11:35 - Attendee introductions

11:50 - Music events and carbon: an overview

12:20 – Challenges and opportunities for energy efficiency in music events

12:30 – Energy efficiency in clubs and venues: hot spots and case studies

13:00 – LUNCH

14:00 – Energy efficiency at festivals: hot spots and case studies

14:45 - Communications and campaigns

15:00 – Sector-specific tools and certifications

15:15 - The EE MUSIC IG Tools carbon calculators: demonstration

15:45 – BREAK

16:00 - Discussion and Q&A


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