SeeMe Music Conference In Sofia hosted the EE MUSIC Initiative Launch & Festival Training on September 24th-25th

A visible change from “what is green’’ to “let’s do it’’ happened in Bulgaria

This is how the co-founder of the EE MUSIC Jacob Bilabel assessed the events, held in Bulgaria, couple of months ago. He started the action with an emotional speech and presentation during the first conference day of SeeMe.

Music industry agents, artists, media, city governance representatives where completely impressed of the idea of energy savings in the music events organisation. “I have the very positive feeling that a lot happened in Bulgaria from green music point of view in the past three years. Last time I attended SeeMe in 2011 and I talked about green music, people were not sure what it is about. And now I was contacted by a lot of professionals from the industry, asking what exactly they can do as to join the EE MUSIC initiative. So in three years a visible change from “what is green’’ to “let’s do it’’ happened in Bulgaria. And there are already organizations that make steps in this direction!”

Actions to consider in Bulgaria and SEE:
•    EE MUSIC Train-The-Expert Training – creating capacity and network of specialists who build information that serves the music industry in SEE and offers them a product which lowers its energy impact and costs;
•    Broadening the network of EE Music and its messages and services throughout Central and Eastern Europe by holding events in Hungary and Romania;
•    Providing more actionable information – contact us!

And one last consideration: Join us here! Connection is essential for all of us to be successful!

Event Details

The first South East Europe EE MUSIC Festival Training, was held at the great Studio 5 club and hosted by Green Music Initiative Team.  The training highlighted factors that should be taken into account when holding outdoor events with temporary energy use. The training addressed event managers, producers and technical staff, who wanted to learn about energy efficiency and acquire the latest insights and tools and way of thinking. A variety of energy savings measures were shared in the course of the EE MUSIC Festival Training.

The cost-free carbon calculator set for the needs of music events - the EE MUSIC IG Tools - was presented. People found the information useful, asked follow-up questions. They shared their own experiences which led to conversations and discussions, which is the value of the EE MUSIC Events - talk and action on even more about combining businesses and positive environmental impact. 

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