REPORT: EE MUSIC Launch Vienna

With the Vienna Waves Festival the perfect opportunity was found to organize the EE MUSIC Launch in Austria. The festival attracts national and also international guests from all over Europe. As the city’s first club- and showcase festival it merges the city’s most significant clubs, unique off-locations, and the public space into the site of the Waves Vienna Festival.

The delegates from all over Europe are offered to take part in a special delegates tour, which also led them to the EE MUSIC Launch, which was held on the 4th of October.

The Launch was opened by moderator Bernhard Steirer from Elevate, introducing EE MUSIC to the participants. Jacob Bilabel from think-do-tank Thema1 talked about the “Battle against Evil” naming climate change and upraising problems which also target the music industry. He encouraged finding creative ways to deal with this topic. His speech was supported Chiara Badiali from Julie’s Bicycle, who showed good practice examples and successes in the UK.

Specially welcomed on stage was also host of Vienna Waves Festival - Thomas Heher, who talked in a short interview sequence with Jacob Bilabel about the measures his team has taken to walk further in the direction of energy efficiency. As an expert also Michael Hutchinson (Energie Effizientes Event) who already worked for big festivals like Tomorrow Festival as a consultant sheared his experiences.

After the event participants had the chance to network, share their thoughts and visit the EE MUSIC exhibition. The interactive installation as well as the balloons showing CO2 use in daily life and the wall of the future was available during the whole festival for hundreds of participants to visit.


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