REPORT: EE MUSIC Workshop Estonia

On the 30th November 2015 the EE MUSIC Workshop in Tallinn was organized. It took place in Tallink City Hotel, Tallinn from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. The workshop was organized by Marek Muiste from Tartu Regional Energy Agency – the Estonian EE MUSIC Ambassador – in cooperation with Ekodoma and other EE MUSIC project partners such as WIP Renewables Energies. The workshop was led by experts from the EE MUSIC project such as Martha Bissmann, Gatis Žogla and Līga Žogla and Marek Muiste, which showed to the audience the role of the EE MUSIC project to promote this sustainable strategy in the music culture all over Europe and experiences on energy efficiency potential in clubs and venues.

Although there is quite low interest in energy efficiency in clubs and venues from the music industry due to low energy prices and lack of environmental consciousness, the workshop was well attended – gathering around 20 participants.

The opening of the event was done by the Estonian EE MUSIC Ambassador – Marek Muiste – in Estonian by emphasizing the importance of energy efficiency in music industry and EU requirements in general on saving energy issues in relationship to secure energy supply. Marta Bissmann gave an overview of the idea of EE MUSIC project and how the creative industry can lead to major energy savings, because they have a channel to large groups of people and can have an influence of their minds to increasing the awareness of environmental issues. Next presentation was given by Gatis Žogla on experience from energy audits in clubs in Latvia. He showed how important is to keep a comfortable indoor climate, and emphasized that large energy saving potential in clubs lays with drinks cooling devices, just by simply changing the usage of them (by decreasing fridge temperature and switching of stand-by regime). Martha Bissmann also showed the experience from making energy audits in clubs in framework of Green Club Index initiative in Germany. The experience from energy audits showed that it is possible to gain around 10% and up to 25% energy saving by simply changing the behaviour change.

On the afternoon session Līga Žogla and Marek Muiste – gained participants interest to use the EE MUSIC IG Tools, which is a calculator that measure the energy efficiency of your festival, club or venue, and let you compare your energy data over time and within the music sector. An interactive session on IG Tools was carried out between the participants.
The workshop was closed with a discussions lead by Marek Muiste in Estonian on how to engage representatives from music industry more in energy saving issues, and what we all can do, what kind of tools we can use to encourage people to think about energy efficiency in their everyday life and become more environmentally friendly and sustainable.  

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