A lot of your energy usage will be determined by the behaviour of your staff and those using your facilities, whether you're a venue or a festival. Some of it will be determined by infrastructure, such as the insulation of your venue. And some of it will be determined by the type of equipment you're using - from lighting, to sound, to refrigeration. Paying attention to how efficient your stuff is can make a significant difference to your energy consumption, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. 

Other than international manufacturers of energy efficient equipment for sound and lighting, suppliers tend to serve their national territories rather than operating across country boundaries. The following is by no means an exhaustive list of suppliers of services and products focusing on sustainable energy, however it is intended as a starting point and to provide an overview of some of the types of services and technologies available. Throughout the course of the EE MUSIC project, we expect to gather further information on country-specific suppliers, posted in the country sections on this website.

To understand how much it is costing you to run your different appliances, and how much you could save by replacing them with more efficient models, see the short payback calculation example in our Handbook for Venues and Clubs, available for free download here.

When buying office equipment (e.g. printers and computers), look for the ENERGY STAR label. For common appliances, make sure you look at the EU energy label. This will provide you with information including an energy rating from A+++ to D (with A+++ being the most efficient) and average consumption in kWh per year - of course, this is average consumption is based on the domestic market so may be different for your usage. Try and buy appliances with the highest efficiency rating possible. Different kinds of EU energy labels are explained here: http://www.newenergylabel.com/index.php/uk/home/ 

The EU provides a huge amount of information on different kinds of energy efficient products, including domestic lighting and heaters: https://ec.europa.eu/energy/en/topics/energy-efficiency/energy-efficient-products 


Databases for environmentally sustainable services and products:

Energy monitoring:

Energy Suppliers & Production:

  • Firefly Solar (UK & Europe): solar generators, energy storage systems – specialists in temporary solar installations and hybrid generators for festivals and outdoor events. http://www.fireflysolar.net/ 
  • Bredenoord (Netherlands, Germany, Denmark): hybrid generators. http://www.bredenoord.com 
  • Atlas Copco (UK & International): suppliers of industrial, construction and events equipment including generators with sustainability at the core of their mission http://www.atlascopco.co.uk/ 
  • Exide Technology (Int’l): batteries (used by Roskilde) http://www.exide.com/ 
  • Again, please note that there is a broader selection of suppliers who operate on a national level in the country sections. 






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