EE MUSIC Workshop, Bratislava

EE MUSIC workshop in Bratislava invites club promoters, event and festival organisers but also journalists to get a new perspective on energy saving in the music industry. Participants will also learn how to use the EE MUSIC IG Tools, a sector-specific CO2 calculator for venues and festivals intended to help events track their carbon impacts. An energy expert from the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA) will present up to date information on energy saving in the context of Slovakia. Succesful Slovak initiatives will be presented as well, including the Bažant Pohoda festival  and bicycle-power experts Bike Lab.

A4 – Space for Contemporary Culture
Karpatská 2, Bratislava

12.5.2015, 10:00 – 15: 00

Please bring your laptop/tablet and your (venue´s) energy bills with you, to be able to work with the EE MUSIC IG Tools!

The attendance is free, but registration is needed! Please register until noon 8.5.2015


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