EE MUSIC Report about energy efficiency in the Croatian music scene


In his report EE MUSIC Ambassador Neven Prišuta gives an overview about the status quo in the Croatian music scene. He researched about energy usage in general as well as in the music sector. His riview also highlights festival and clubs which already take measures to lower their carbon footprint.
There are also already projects like AlterED / Refugee LOFI with the aim to promote the useage of green energy e.g. to power solar stages.

Read the full report -> here


About the author - Neven Prišuta

Neven is primarily an information expert, psychologist and researcher with strong both personal and professional interest in music culture. That interest manifests in many ways in which he is active in Croatian musical scene. He works as a journalist for, regional portal for electronic music and as a promoter and event manager for several music programs (Liquosphere, Deep'n Out) with one smaller and intimate festival on an island of Cres included. One can also find him behind decks at underground music events in Zagreb, DJing under alias After Neven. Since his music culture passion is strongest for outdoor and nature locations, and sustainable development and DIY solutions make big part of that passion as well, he heartily took a given mission of promoting EE principles in Croatia and beyond. Doing so with high hopes of sparking a greener change in consciousness and enabling quality music events in complete harmony with nature hosting them.


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