Under the guidance of Thema1 (T1), partners did offer targeted energy audits to clubs in four focal countries including Portugal, UK, Latvia and Malta. The aim was to support owners and operators of clubs / music venues to implement energy saving measures, in order to develop “EE MUSIC Good Practice Clubs”. The data generated during the energy audits was of a great added value for development the common energy dataset across Europe’s musicevent industry. The good practice clubs were also invited to participate in the EE MUSIC Award  taking place in Barcelona.

Audits in 8 clubs have been implemented as part of the Annex and their energy datasets assessed and uploaded into the EE MUSIC IG TOOL.


Cardiff Arena




Pensão Amor


Bars Usas

Kanepes Kulturas centrs



Club 22

In addition to this, 3 additional audits have been implemented :EE MUSIC partner Projects in Motion (PiM) conducted and reported an energy audit at Earth Garden Festival in Malta. Ekodoma (EKO) did an additional energy audit at Latvia’s largest venue “Arena Riga” and Julie’s Bicycle (JB) at the Parkteateret venue in Oslo / NO.

In the context of the 60th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2015 that took place in Vienna from 19th - 23rd of May a special Energy Audit was provided by Experts from Thema1 / Green Music Initiative and Elevate Festival (ELV). The main scope of activities was related to the main venue of the ESC finals 2015, the Wiener Stadthalle, and to all of its associated processes such as catering, sound, light, energy supply, and cooling. The audit was implemented in the form of two workshops with members of the ORF (Österreichischer Rundfunk, the Austrian public service broadcaster) and the ESC-production team (before and after the ESC finals). Data was gathered in Face to Face meetings with the relevant service providers taking place during ESC production period and during the final TV Broadcast. In terms of visibility and achieved energy savings (440.000 liters of diesel) the ESC Energy Audit provided maximum benefit for the EE MUSIC project. The report of the ESC energy audit can be found here.

Read here "Support materials and schedule for 9 club energy audits”

Read here “Report on Energy Audits”

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