Kulturfabrik, LX

Located in Esch-sur-Alzette in the South of Luxembourg, the Kulturfabrik houses work from various art forms such as music, theatre, exhibitions, visual arts, dance, literature and cinema. Their mission is to engage and educate audience members through events, meetings and workshops; facilitate and support artistic creativity; and mobilise art, artists and audience in order to support exchange, collaboration & cooperation.

The Kulturfabrik was established in an abandoned public abattoir originally built in 1885-86 and closed down in 1979. Twelve years later, in 1996, KuFA officially became a cultural centre with the help of public financial support. Its new status was celebrated in 1998 with a fully renovated building.

Kulturfabrik, LX

KuFA is committed to sustainability, with the goal of being transparent and communicative and raising awareness amongst their partners, audience, team and artists. In order to solidify this mission, they set up a green charter detailing sustainability measures already undertaken as well as measures currently in action.

In terms of energy management, Kulturfabrik uses energy-efficient electronic equipment including printers, household appliances etc. as well as low-energy lighting throughout the venue and has a switch-off policy for all office equipment during evenings and weekends. Kulturfabrik conducts regular monitoring of boilers ensuring they are well maintained. Heating controls are regularly adjusted for efficiency. The installation of positioners has ensured valves are set at their correct position, also maximising efficiency.

The venue is supplied through a green electricity company.

Kulturfabrik works to engage with its staff, residents and audience members on environmental sustainability by conducting staff training and posting information on rationalising energy use within the venue.

See Kulturfabrik’s Green Charter here:

Source: Kulturfabrik Environmental Charter and


Internal and External Communication

One of the key cornerstones of the Kulturfabrik’s environmental sustainability commitment is communication with stakeholders including staff, residents, suppliers, and audiences. Their publicly available and beautifully designed Green Charter sends a clear message of their commitment, supplemented with staff training, newsletters, and information posted throughout the venue.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The venue regularly inspects its boilers to ensure they are well maintained and heating controls are regularly adjusted for efficiency. Installation of positioners ensures valves are set at their correct position, also maximising efficiency. With HVAC systems frequently the largest source of energy use in venues, this is a highly effective use of resources.

IT Equipment

The Kulturfabrik preferentially buys energy efficient equipment for use throughout the venue and in its offices, and a switch-off routine is in place to ensure equipment is turned off at nights and on weekends.

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