REPORT: EE MUSIC Launch Lisbon, 4 March 2015

In the beginning of March 2015, EE MUSIC project partner TerraSystemics in cooperation with other partners such as Julie’s Bicycle, Green Music Initiative and WIP Renewables Energies hosted the EE MUSIC Launch in Lisbon, in Talkfest’15, to promote and present the EE MUSIC project in Portugal.

The launch joined several EE MUSIC experts that showed to the audience how important is to consider energy management in the music industry, with Martha Bissmann from WIP presenting the EE MUSIC project and Chiara Badiali from Julie’s Bicycle sharing practical examples of Greening Music Industry in UK.

Very interesting reflexions were also made by Sérgio Santos from TerraSystemics – the local energy consultancy – concerning the importance of initiatives like EE MUSIC for countries such as Portugal. His words were emphasized by Gonçalo Riscado – the Portuguese EE MUSIC ambassador – promoter of the Musicbox Club in Lisbon, which also highlighted the benefits of EE MUSIC sharing of knowledge from a club manager point of view.

The launch finished with an emotional speech and presentation “Groove to save the world – an experiment in social change” by Jacob Bilabel from Green Music Initiative, and shortly afterwards, very interesting networking happened between the participants and the EE MUSIC partners, during the vegetarian cocktail. It was a great opportunity to change ideas and contacts between all.

Photos of the EE MUSIC Lisbon Launch and Workshops in Talkfest’15 you can also find on our website and our Flickr account.

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