REPORT: EE MUSIC Launch event Vilnius

On the 19th November 2015 the EE MUSIC Launch event in Vilnius in framework of Vilnius Music Week (VMW)was organized. It took place in Comfort Hotel, Vilnius from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. The workshop was organized by Vilma Dzienaite – the Lithuanian EE MUSIC Ambassador – in cooperation with Ekodoma and other EE MUSIC project partners such as WIP Renewables Energiesand Green Club Index. The workshop was led by experts from the EE MUSIC project such as Ingo Ball, Jacob Bilabel, Gatis Žogla and Līga Žogla and invited guest - Rob Scully from Glastonbury Festival (UK).

The EE MUSIC Launch event brought together around 60 music fans and representatives from different clubs, music festivals an


The opening speech of the EE MUSIC Launch event gave the head of “Vilnius Music Week” Lauras Lučiūnas by emphasizing the importance of music industry to start act more sustainable. Jacob Bilabel started the discussion on how the music and creative industry in general can give a big impact to energy savings, and also why clubs and festivals should think out of the box to be more creative in their solutions for saving energy and become more sustainable. Ingo Ball as the representative of project EE MUSIC coordination organization introduced the audience with the idea of creating EE MUSIC project and how the network has grown across whole Europe. The EE MUSIC activities have been implemented in 27 EU countries. Rob Scully informed about the sustainable energy use practices in the Glastonbury Festival and how he think the representatives from music industry should communicate with the artists and audience in order to explain the environmental issues of festivals and how we all together can make a big difference and reduce our environmental impact.

Last but not the least, a presentation and musical performance was given by the famous Lithuanian artist - Jurgis Pranas Didžiulis. He has implemented social campaigns on sustainability in music, where also the results of the activities were presented at the event. He addressed the audience by the presentation and musical performance to be more open minded to changes, be creative and think about the environment and sustainability.

All participants of the EE MUSIC Launch event were able to get the EE MUSIC leaflet and flyer as well as the hard copy of EE MUSIC market study.


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