Estádio do Dragão, Portugal

Estádio do Dragão (or Dragon Stadium) is an all-round sports and entertainment venue in Porto, Portugal. Built in 2003, it can seat more than 50,000 audience members and is the current home ground of F.C. Porto; the stadium’s name is derived from the presence of a dragon on the football club’s crest. It has hosted concerts from various big artists including The Rolling Stones and Coldplay and was the world’s first FIFA 5 star stadium to achieve ISO 14001 (an international standard for environmental management). Estádio do Dragão was the first European stadium to obtain a GreenLight certification (GreenLight is a European initiative encouraging the installation of more energy efficient lighting in non-residential spaces), which was awarded to the stadium for its use of energy efficient lighting.

Estádio do Dragão, Portugal

Powered by both electricity and gas, Estádio do Dragão has been recording energy consumption data since 2006. They use the monitoring software Wisemetering and have a Building Management System (BMS) in place to control HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems. Stadium staff are responsible for managing the energy within the stadium, and the Event Promoter is responsible for the energy management of the stage. Estádio do Dragão has also created a budget specifically for energy management and energy investment.

Estádio do Dragão has purchased and installed energy efficient equipment including PIRs (passive infrared sensors) and LED lights. They have created venue-wide switch-off awareness raising campaigns, communicating to all stakeholders and space users with reports and newsletters. Estádio do Dragão works with a range of stakeholders to embed environmental sustainability into practices and behaviours, including staff training, awareness campaigns with the local community and creating environmental procedures for its supply chain organisations.



Estádio do Dragão has installed LED lighting and PIRs (passive infrared sensors) for motion-activated lighting.

Internal communication

The stadium undertakes venue-wide switch-off campaigns, communicating to all stakeholders and space users with reports and newsletters.

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