EE MUSIC Event Report

    The events implemented in the context of EE MUSIC have been a great success. About 1.000 visitors have been reached via Stakeholder Mobilisation Events such as EE MUSIC Launches and EE MUSIC Workshops.

    The idea of EE MUSIC was spread by organizing events in more than 20 countries all over Europe within the last three years. EE MUSIC Launches where implemented in the context of big festivals and conferences with the aim to target festival organizers, club and venue owners, music lovers and media representatives directly. With more than 600 participants a big network was build and the spirit of EE MUSIC was spread within the European music scene.

    The EE MUSIC Workshops were mainly targeting club and venue owners, technicians and promoters, who wanted to dig deeper into the topic of energy efficiency. The EE MUSIC team explained the importance of the topic, provided practical input and showed national and international good and best practice examples. Key element of the Workshops was the presentation of the EE MUSIC IG Tools, a carbon calculator specially designed for the music sector to help to analyse and to measure the energy use and the environmental impact of clubs, venues and festivals. More than 360 participants took actively part in these events.

    Altogether, the EE MUSIC Stakeholder Mobilisation Events can be seen as a great success. The EE MUSIC team managed to introduce the project to its target audiences and to raise awareness about energy efficiency within the music sector. Regional follow-up projects have already started and many EE MUSIC Ambassadors will continue their work on a local scale.


    The event report of EE MUISC gives an overview about all events. Important key facts have been summerized. Each event was reported carefully via text and photo-documentation.

    Download the full report -> here