Report: EE Music Launch Germany

The EE Music Launch Germany took place on Saturday, 23 August 2014 at the c/o pop festival in Cologne as part of the Green Music BBQ at the Stadtgarten Köln.

The c/o pop festival attracts up to 30.000 visitors for at least 60 concerts within four days while it is also one of the most important music conventions in Germany with more than 1.000 music expert attendees. Both aspects combined and with a proven history of success in its 11th edition lead to the c/o pop as the perfect partner to host the EE Music Launch Germany.

As a combined effort of the EE Music team, the c/o pop and the Green Music Initiative – supported by local partners as the energy agency EnergieAgentur.NRW, the Mannheim Economic Support Department, the Clustermanagement Musikwirtschaft Mannheim and POP NRW (local music sponsorship agency) and sponsored by Telekom Electronic Beats – the event attracted more than 100 high-ranking representatives from music, politics, science, media and environmental associations from all over the country.

Besides the satisfactory attendance, the numerous interactions with the EE Music Exhibition and information displays and the high profile speakers determine the event to be considered throughout successful.

The official start of the event was 6.30pm with Jacob Bilabel (EE Music), host of the evening, welcoming the guests and giving an overview of the agenda and the speakers. Followed by a talk with Norbert Osterhaus, the managing director of the c/o pop, Lothar Schneider, the managing director of the local energy agency EnergieAgentur.NRW, Janina Klabes, the Chief Executive Clustermanagement Musikwirtschaft Mannheim & Region and Martha Bissmann, the project coordinator of EE Music. After this opening round, Jacob Bilabel and Martha Bissmann started the official EE Music Launch with a presentation on the key aspects and intentions of the project, an introduction on the available materials and how to join the EE Music project, ending in a „macht-making“ network setup to extend and intensify the engagement of the audience with the EE Music experts on the ground.

The launch was followed by the 2nd Award Ceremony of the Green Club Label, an honour given to Clubs with extended energy conservation measures undertaken, and the introduction to the Green Pictures Group and the Greener Arena Network, two newly established networks which try to tackle environmental issues in the film industry and in large venues such as stadia and arenas.

The event was extensively promoted on social media beforehand and a press release was distributed in English and German to 500 journalists/editor’s offices and 50 influencers/bloggers from Germany. To 400 contacts the release was distributed via Vocus system, in addition to personal invitations to 55 journalists and 46 bloggers.

 EE Music was further extensively covered in the Green Music BBQ Companion, a high quality brochure produced especially for the occasion of the event which by now still serves as a perfect giveaway at other EE Music related events in Germany. The PDF version can be accessed here.


List of speakers

Jacob Bilabel | Founder, Green Music Initiative
Martha Bissmann | Programm Coordinator of EE Music, WIP – Renewable Energies
Janina Klabes | Chief Executive, Clustermanagement Musikwirtschaft Mannheim & Region
Lothar Schneider | Managing Director, EnergieAgentur.NRW
Norbert Oberhaus | Managing Director, c/o pop


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