REPORT: EE MUSIC Workshops: Lisbon, 5 March 2015

The EE MUSIC Workshops about energy efficiency in festivals and in music industry were organised by TerraSystemics in cooperation with CTL – Culture Trend Lisbon, on the 5th March 2015, during Talkfest’15 in Lisbon, Portugal. Talkfest is the only forum in Portugal dedicated exclusively to music festivals and to the debate and reflection of the future of music festivals and music industry in Portugal.

These two workshops were led by experts from Julie's Bicycle, Green Music Initiative, WIP Renewables Energies and TerraSystemics, to share and discuss their knowledge on energy efficiency for outdoor and indoor music events (festivals, clubs and venues). We also had the pleasure of hosting our guest speaker Dora Palma – sustainability manager of Rock in Rio festival – that shared with the audience the knowledge, experience and best practices of Rock in Rio in the main 3 pillars: social, environment and energy efficiency.

We gathered national and international festival promoters, club managers, municipal festival producer, professionals from music industry, and festivals/music lovers, together with EE MUSIC project experts for these workshops.

Participants were able to understand that music events can save money with a better energy management system and the use of renewable energy sources.

 They also gained knowledge about the EE MUSIC IG Tools which Chiara Badiali, from Julie’s Bicycle, presented in our Workshop. With the EE MUSIC IG Tools you can measure the energy efficiency of your club, venue or festival. It let you compare your energy data over time and within the music sector. 

If you need support, please use the IG Tools User Guides (PT) or get in contact with Joana Martins.

 If you are interested in a more general explanation of what can be done to save energy, money and CO2 in festivals, clubs and venues than have a look at our training handbooks: 

  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Use for Festivals and Outdoor Events: Training Handbook (EN) (Download)
  • Energy Efficiency for Small and Medium Sized Clubs and Venues: Training Handbook (PT) (Download)

 Photos of the EE MUSIC Launch and Workshops in Talkfest’15 you can also find on our website and our Flickr account.

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