Wiesen Festivals, Austria

 Wiesen is a town in Burgenland, Austria. During the festival season, which usually runs from May to September, the town’s 8,000-capacity site hosts various festivals. The town had its first event, the ‘Wiesener Jazztage’, in 1976.

The festival site infrastructure includes a 4,000 capacity tent venue, a campsite with shower and toilet facilities, and numerous shops, food, and drinks stalls.

 The owners of the festival site have been actively addressing environmental sustainability across all impacts, including reducing water consumption through a 54,000 L rainwater harvesting system, re-usable cups with an on-site dishwasher, locally sourced food (organic where possible), environmentally friendly cleaning products, extensive on-site waste separation for recycling, and more. There is also a focus on reducing energy use and using renewable energy – see the highlights for more information.

 The energy consumption of the festival site is monitored through two energy meters provided by the local energy provider Energie Burgenland. Wiesen have additionally installed 14 additional meters to better understand the energy consumption of different equipment and areas.

 The Wiesen Jazz Pub is an associated, 300-capacity venue that has been running live music since 1974. Run by the same team, the pub is also starting to address its environmental sustainability measures through initiatives such as EE MUSIC.

Solar-Thermal Water Heating

The site has a 12 kW solar-thermal energy installation that is used to provide heated water to the kitchen, washing machines, dishwasher, sinks, and backstage showers and sinks.

Solar PV

The site also has a 10 kW solar PV array that was installed in 2013, which produces roughly 700 kWh per month. Any excess energy is fed back into the grid. As of May 2015, it has saved over 10 tonnes of CO2.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning / Insulation

 The warm water storage tank (1,000 L) and water pipes are insulated. The cooling room has a heat recovery system. A LEGIC building management system is used to automatically regulate cooling and heating systems, electricity sockets, and other energy-consuming equipment in the buildings.

LED Lighting

Over 90% of the lighting on the site are LEDs or energy-saving bulbs, including LED stage lighting. The lighting is controlled through a central KNX system, which automatically turns lighting on or off according to a pre-defined schedule and depending on lighting conditions. The Wiesen Jazz Pub also has LED stage lighting.

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