Bulgaria's CO2 emissions per capita are relatively low and might further decrease with improvements in energy efficiency, so climate policy has concentrated on subsidizing renewable energy, especially solar and wind. Main government priorities are focused towards - protection and improvement of water resources status, sustainable waste management, improving air quality, limitation and halting the loss of biodiversity and the degradation of ecosystem services.

Bulgarian music scene is developing very rapidly since 90ies since the communist regime fell apart in. There are a lot of regional and local events happening each year starting from small concerts in clubs and reaching huge concerts and festivals visited by numerous people from all over Europe. As EU member since 2007 Bulgaria has access to funding for cultural activities and events and well as for regional development activities which led to more diversity in the music scene in terms of events, locations, etc.

The sustainability and green music culture are yet not priority among representatives from the music industry mainly because of financial reasons. But overall the topic is getting more and more important and there is need for information and know how. Also the audience is more eager to take part and be involved in sustainable events and activities.


 SEEME - South East European Music Event


 Since its launch in May 2006 the South-East European Music Event (SeeMe) has positioned itself as the main event in the region for industry professionals and music fans alike to join together, exchange ideas and keep up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. Part festival, part conference, part industry networking – SeeMe (South East European Music Event) brings together business leaders with companies which are always a step ahead of an ever changing market. SeeMe developed into a strong international event with bright coloured range of activities. It is a fresh collective of young people who are aiming to provide Sofia an alternative to the regular club nights in the city. Through organising parties in various venues the festival has been successful in its mission to strengthen the music scene in Sofia. For the last 9 years SeeMe gathered together more than 4000 specialists who visited the conference, festival, awards and other SeeMe events. More than 600 world renowned speakers in more than 300 sessions and panel discussions shared their expertise, know-how and vision on the future of music business, music promotion, music production, music sales, music rights, and many other hot topics related to the music world.

 Beglika Free Festival 


 Over the years, Beglika has established itself as one of the leading summer festivals in Bulgaria.  It is linked with nature, harmonious communication and the relationship of the person with the surroundings. It is focused on socially and communally valuable subjects, like preserving nature, traditions and personal development through new forms of exchange.

 H.M.S.U. Summer Open-Air Festival Broken Balkanz


 Broken Balkanz is de facto the longest running open air festival in Bulgaria, and also the first of its kind - a drum and bass focused one. Regularly taking place near Sofia Bulgaria since 1999.The event welcomes more than 40 international artists, and a rough estimate of 1500 visitors for a 48 hours non stop marathon. The 15th jubilee edition welcomed exclusively artists from the Balkan countries and the region. A list of talented producers and DJs, already established as proved quality on international scale.

Venues with good sustainable practices:

Mixtape 5

Club Mixtape5 is a very friendly place located in the underground between Hilton and City Centre of Sofia, Bulgaria. With two halls and near 1 000 people capacity Mixtape5 is one of the coolest Sofia clubs. It is spacious, the sound and ventilation are flawless and there is a bicycles stand, which makes the place really distinctive and unique.

Studio 5
The club is a meeting place for music, theatre, cinema, literature and every performance that not only can talk, but has something meaningful to say.


Guides, resources and events

Green Office Handbook:
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Handbook Sustainable Energy Communities in Urbanized Zone of Cultural and historical importance:
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Handbook of energy efficiency and energy management:
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The Green book of energy efficiency – do more with less:
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Awards and certifications

b2b Media "The Greenest Bulgarian companies" Awards


Eventex Awards: Green event category: 

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Energy Efficiency Awards:

The Green Circle of Manager and Globul:



Local suppliers for energy efficiency:

Niterma – energy efficiency audits and building certification http://niterma.com/index.html

 Sun Service: SunSERVICE is a specialized company to design, construction and maintenance of photovoltaic systems and passive houses and sales of components for them. http://sunservice-bg.com/en/web/guest/home

 Apex Solar Ltd. is a leading Bulgarian company imposing new standards in solar energy systems. http://e-shop.apexexperts.com/?page_id=61

 Hermes Solar Ltd. specializes in the direct conversion of solar power into heat and electricity. http://www.hermessolar.com/cms/company/

 ELLON is a company which operates in the field of HVAC installation and solar installations. http://ellon.eu/en/about-us/

 Ecomobility is an online shop for electrical bikes and scooters http://ecomobility.bg/

 Motto Engineering is specialized in design and construction of photovoltaic installations and small wind generator systems. http://www.motto-engineering.com/en/about-us



EE MUSIC in Bulgaria

 In Bulgaria EE MUSIC is officially presented by United Partners – a leading strategic communications agency in Southeast Europe with extended experience in the music and energy fields. With more than 18 years of history on the market, United Partners’ team was involved in the planning, organization and communication of leading local music events as well as in international events.

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Local Project Partners

United Partners

Project Partners

EE MUSIC is composed of nine project partners who work in the fields of sustainable energy, communication and music.

  • WIP

    Project coordinator: WIP Renewable Energies has been active in the field of sustainable energy for more than four decades.


    Julie’s Bicycle

    Julie’s Bicycle is a charity making sustainability intrinsic to the business, art and ethics of music, theatre and the creative industries.


    Greenmusic Initiative

    The GMI acts as a platform coordinating the music and entertainment industry´s efforts to minimise their climate impact.



    Elevate is an annual music festival with a unique combination of critical political discourse and contemporary music and art.


    Terra Systemics

    TSX is a Lisbon-based consultancy that offers services in energy efficiency, carbon management and climate change.



    Projects in Motion Ltd (PiM) is a Malta-based SME that focuses on promoting renewable energy sources, energy efficiency processes and products.



    Ekodoma Limited group is an engineering consultancy practice working towards energy efficiency, renewable energies, environment and economy.


    Agentur Wicher

    Wicher Agency is an advertising and brand agency – specialized on sustainability, b2b-clients and political campaigning.


    United Partners

    United Partners is the leading independent public relations and strategic communications consultancy in Bulgaria.