Guides, resources and events 

Le Collectif des Festivals (engages pour le developpement durable et solidaire en Bretagne): collective of festivals engaged for sustainable development in the Bretagne region. 25 members; also includes cinema and arts festivals. Have material on energy efficiency, and lots of other resources on sustainability available on their website. 

RIF: Association working on sustainable cultural development in the Nord-Pas de Calais region

Fedelima: Federation des Lieux des Musiques Actuelles. Nationwide network of 133 sites (venues) dedicated to contemporary music - across all genres and sizes. Sustainable Development is one of their (many) agenda items under the 'Territories and Environment' strand - and in particular how France's broader strategy for local sustainable development under the 'Agenda 21' banner impacts on music venues and promoters. The person leading on this strand is Françoise Dupas from Petit Faucheux - a jazz venue.

A guide on sustainable events management in Gironde (which draws on a wide working group as well as guidance published by other regions and ADEME (Environment Agency) estimates that a gathering of 1000 audience members uses 200 kwh of energy.


Awards and certifications

PrestaDD: A certification/label for production companies and event suppliers meeting certain sustainability criteria to help business and entertainment events in their sustainability efforts.


Selection of suppliers of energy efficient equipment and services:

La Boss: sustainable suppliers/services/products database - not creative industries specific, but does carry some specialised categories like washable cups.

The following companies all hold the Prestadd sustainability label ( ): 

  • Abaques Audiovisuel: audiovisual
  • Aliss: sound, lighting, video
  • Alive Groupe: sale & hire of audiovisual technologies
  • Contact: sound, lighting, AV, staging
  • Dushow: sound, lighting, AV, staging
  • Europ Groupe: sound, lighting, video
  • Fa Musique: sound, lighting, staging
  • La Wash: lighting, sound, video, and energy
  • Lumière & Son: sound, lighting, AV, staging
  • Magnum: lighting, sound, video, and green energy
  • NAT: technical equipment hire
  • On Live: lighting, sound, AV
  • Public Address: sound, lighting, video
  • Scène de Nuit: sound, lighting, video, staging, backline

Magnum: production company providing audio/lighting/energy and other services, including a green generator

 ALE 08 (L’Agence Locale de l’Energie et du Climat): agency working on the promotion and development of renewable energy. Working with Eco-festival Cabaret Vert

AREnAM: collect used cooking oils for converting into diesel Working with Eco-festival Cabaret Vert

SolarSoundSystem (France/Switzerland): solar powered sound systems. 

EQOSphere: not energy efficiency - network focusing on re-use and sharing of resources / materials / food waste

PHENIX: not energy efficiency - consultancy focusing on reducing waste by optimising and building networks for recycling, re-use and redistribution.

EE MUSIC in France

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Project Partners

EE MUSIC is composed of nine project partners who work in the fields of sustainable energy, communication and music.

  • WIP

    Project coordinator: WIP Renewable Energies has been active in the field of sustainable energy for more than four decades.

    Julie’s Bicycle

    Julie’s Bicycle is a charity making sustainability intrinsic to the business, art and ethics of music, theatre and the creative industries.

    Greenmusic Initiative

    The GMI acts as a platform coordinating the music and entertainment industry´s efforts to minimise their climate impact.


    Elevate is an annual music festival with a unique combination of critical political discourse and contemporary music and art.

    Terra Systemics

    TSX is a Lisbon-based consultancy that offers services in energy efficiency, carbon management and climate change.


    Projects in Motion Ltd (PiM) is a Malta-based SME that focuses on promoting renewable energy sources, energy efficiency processes and products.


    Ekodoma Limited group is an engineering consultancy practice working towards energy efficiency, renewable energies, environment and economy.

    Agentur Wicher

    Wicher Agency is an advertising and brand agency – specialized on sustainability, b2b-clients and political campaigning.

    United Partners

    United Partners is the leading independent public relations and strategic communications consultancy in Bulgaria.