Guides, resources and events:

Energia Portal by MVM Partner: online portal gathering energy efficiency tips and information on renewable energy and energy legislation in Hungary.

Energiaoldal: news website for energy efficiency in Hungary, provide regular updates on energy savings opportunities, tips, and incentives, for example the recent state-funded washing machine replacement programme

Alternativ Energia: News platform for alternative energy in Hungary and worldwide, including listings of Hungarian training courses for energy audits (for example) .

Magyar Természetvédők Szövetsége (MTVSZ) / Hungarian Society of Conservationists: provide a hub to support and promote community energy projects through the CO-POWER project, including guidance, events, networking and support – useful for any venues looking to start generating their own renewable energy or wanting to find like-minded individuals in their area.   . See also their Community Energy Manual:

ENERGIAKLUB: organisation focusing on energy efficiency and sustainable energy use in Hungary by engaging different stakeholders including energy users, businesses, and policymakers. Run events and lectures on energy and energy policy and run training and events to raise awareness and skills in energy efficiency and energy management.

They also offer a carbon calculator for events organisers – although this is a paid-for service depending on the size of the event: . This also offers some top tips for energy savings especially in the office:

German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce: runs training courses for those wishing to become energy managers -   . They also run other events and workshops, such as workshops on energy efficient lighting 

Furdancs: online forum and portal for DIY, business, and building improvements including on how to most efficiently run your boiler, how to replace lights, and more


EE Suppliers:

Energy Hungary: company providing energy audits and energy efficiency improvements through auditors accredited by the Hungarian Energy and Utilities Regulatory Authority.

LG Energia: company providing energy efficiency audits and reviews for businesses and other buildings

Pannon Építőműhely kft: company providing energy efficiency audits and reviews for businesses and other buildings 

GreenSys Electric: scoping, sale, installation of solar energy systems

Eogen: sale and installation of solar panels 

CleanFuture: design and installation of renewable energy systems from 1 kW to 50 kW . They also provide guidance to currently available funding:


Awards and certifications:

Julie’s Bicycle Creative Industry Green: environmental certification scheme ranging from 1-3 stars specifically designed for the creative industries, available for festivals/outdoor events, venues, and offices.

A Greener Festival Awards: environmental sustainability award for outdoor events and festivals.



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