Iceland’s electricity grid is 100% renewable because of its significant geothermal and hydropower energy resources and generation.

 However, Icelandic musicians including Bjork and Sigur Ros have protested at the country’s expansion of geothermal power stations and hydropower dams that risk destroying significant areas of the country’s wild highlands. This expansion and building of additional power capacity is mainly being driven to support more heavy industry (most of the energy generated in the country is already being used by aluminium smelters – the ore is imported to Iceland because of the country’s proposition of a low, stable, energy price).

 Musicians and artists have held various event to campaign for stronger environmental protection in Iceland, including one at Harpa Concert Hall in 2014 featuring Bjork, Patti Smoth, Lykke Li, and Of Monsters and Men, organised together with the Iceland Nature Conservation Association (INCA), Landvernd, the Icelandic Environment Association and director Darren Aronofsky.


Guides, resources and events:

Orkusetur / Icelandic Energy Agency: one of the purposes of the Energy Agency is to help municipalities and small and medium businesses to plan for energy efficiency. Among the resources they offer is a lighting energy and cost comparison calculator as well as other calculators for example comparing the performance of different cars and the energy savings potential of roof insulation and double glazing, and a feasibility calculator to estimate the energy savings potential, cost and payback period of different energy saving interventions. The page also offers energy saving tips for households. / online community for environmental sustainability in Iceland. Among other things, they maintain a ‘labels library’ to explain the different types of eco-label used in Iceland and a ‘green map’ showing all kinds of sustainable businesses – from green accommodation, to repair workshops, to projects and organisations working on energy conservation, to organic food markets.

 Vistbyggðarráð: platform for sustainable development of the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings in Iceland, bringing together different stakeholders from the construction and buildings industry to work on shared standards and promote green building. For example, they provide information on the different types of green building certification available.


EE Suppliers:

Orkusalan: energy supplier of hydrothermal and geothermal energy



Community projects can apply for funding from power sales from Orkusalan:


 Awards and certifications:

Julie’s Bicycle Creative Industry Green: environmental certification scheme ranging from 1-3 stars specifically designed for the creative industries, available for festivals/outdoor events, venues, and offices.

A Greener Festival Awards: environmental sustainability award for outdoor events and festivals.




EE MUSIC Ambassador: Steinþór Helgi Arnsteinsson

Started in the Icelandic music industry almost 10 years ago and has since then done almost everything beside playing an instrument. He has been working on PR for bands and labels, promoted events, ran a record label and managed artists. He is currently the event lead for video game company CCP, manager for Hjaltalín, one of the advisors of Sónar Reykjavík and the quiz master for the quiz show Gettu Betur on the Icelandic National Broadcast.

Project Partners

EE MUSIC is composed of nine project partners who work in the fields of sustainable energy, communication and music.

  • WIP

    Project coordinator: WIP Renewable Energies has been active in the field of sustainable energy for more than four decades.

    Julie’s Bicycle

    Julie’s Bicycle is a charity making sustainability intrinsic to the business, art and ethics of music, theatre and the creative industries.

    Greenmusic Initiative

    The GMI acts as a platform coordinating the music and entertainment industry´s efforts to minimise their climate impact.


    Elevate is an annual music festival with a unique combination of critical political discourse and contemporary music and art.

    Terra Systemics

    TSX is a Lisbon-based consultancy that offers services in energy efficiency, carbon management and climate change.


    Projects in Motion Ltd (PiM) is a Malta-based SME that focuses on promoting renewable energy sources, energy efficiency processes and products.


    Ekodoma Limited group is an engineering consultancy practice working towards energy efficiency, renewable energies, environment and economy.

    Agentur Wicher

    Wicher Agency is an advertising and brand agency – specialized on sustainability, b2b-clients and political campaigning.

    United Partners

    United Partners is the leading independent public relations and strategic communications consultancy in Bulgaria.