Guides, resources and events:

Agenzia Efficienza Energetica / Energy Efficiency Agency: provides guidance on applicable policy and regulations related to energy efficiency in Italy, and also provides advice and top tips on energy saving for consumers (e.g. explaining energy labels , different kinds of lighting ) and a guide to maintaining HVAC systems correctly [PDF]. The agency also oversees the Italian policy of granting 65% tax deductions for energy upgrading of existing buildings.

GreenStyle is a news website for stories about the environment and reducing environmental impact. Energy saving is one of the topics it covers including policy incentives for energy efficiency and new technologies, and it also maintains an events diary of environmental events and conferences.

Edizioni Ambiente: publisher specialising in books and publications on environment and sustainability. They publish a library of free e-books, including on energy: . They also publish a range of manuals, including on energy audits (but these are not free): 


Suppliers of energy efficiency technology and equipment: 

eFFetiva: monitoring and analysis meter and software for energy consumption in businesses . 

Solarelit: company offering LED retrofits and solar PV panel installations 

Consulente Energetico: energy efficiency and renewable energy consultancy who also provide energy audits

Cogiatech: company specialising in energy efficiency for businesses, including certification, facilities management, and installation. 

Studio Rinnovabili: company providing energy audits and experts in renewable energy installations.

Coenergia Group: company selling solar panels, LED lighting for domestic and commercial use, refrigeration and other appliances.



L’ecobonus per l’efficientamento energetico nella legge di Stabilità: 65% tax deductions are available for upgrading the energy efficiency of existing buildings. These tax benefits consist of a deduction from IRPEF or IRES, granted for the implementation of measures that increase the energy efficiency of existing buildings.

Solarelit and ProFamily (Banca Popolare di Milano group) offer loans to finance the purchase of solar PV systems for private customers – they will also help find loan financing for business customers. is a news website that periodically updates on government financial incentives and rules around the installation of renewable energy.


Awards and certifications:

Julie’s Bicycle Creative Industry Green: environmental certification scheme ranging from 1-3 stars specifically designed for the creative industries, available for festivals/outdoor events, venues, and offices.

A Greener Festival Awards: environmental sustainability award for outdoor events and festivals.



EE MUSIC Ambassador: Christina Fina