While there has been a lot of focus on sustainable tourism in Malta in recent years, this has not visibly translated to the wider entertainment industry despite the focus of its well-known club scene and flagship events such as Isle of MTV on attracting tourism to the island.



Guides, resources and events

Green Drinks Malta: not music-event-specific, but may be a useful network for seeking out partnerships:



Local suppliers for energy efficiency

Solar Solutions: solar PV and wind energy installations

Brighter Solutions: LED lighting installations

Electrofix: solar PV and solar water heating installations

INLED Malt: LED lighting installations

If you would like to recommend a local music industry supplier, venue, or event with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainable energy to be added to this page, please get in touch!

EE MUSIC in Malta

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Local Project Partners

Projects in Motion [PiM]


Project Partners

EE MUSIC is composed of nine project partners who work in the fields of sustainable energy, communication and music.

  • WIP

    Project coordinator: WIP Renewable Energies has been active in the field of sustainable energy for more than four decades.

    Julie’s Bicycle

    Julie’s Bicycle is a charity making sustainability intrinsic to the business, art and ethics of music, theatre and the creative industries.

    Greenmusic Initiative

    The GMI acts as a platform coordinating the music and entertainment industry´s efforts to minimise their climate impact.


    Elevate is an annual music festival with a unique combination of critical political discourse and contemporary music and art.

    Terra Systemics

    TSX is a Lisbon-based consultancy that offers services in energy efficiency, carbon management and climate change.


    Projects in Motion Ltd (PiM) is a Malta-based SME that focuses on promoting renewable energy sources, energy efficiency processes and products.


    Ekodoma Limited group is an engineering consultancy practice working towards energy efficiency, renewable energies, environment and economy.

    Agentur Wicher

    Wicher Agency is an advertising and brand agency – specialized on sustainability, b2b-clients and political campaigning.

    United Partners

    United Partners is the leading independent public relations and strategic communications consultancy in Bulgaria.