Guides, resources and events:

Green Events Nederland:  support and exchange platform on sustainable events organisation covering topics including power (as well as transport, waste, audience travel, and catering). They also run masterclasses.


EE Suppliers:

Milieubarometer: (paid) carbon footprint analysis tool for festivals/events. They also publish a benchmark of festival/event carbon impacts in NL based on the results of a number of events that have used the tool:

Watt-Now: energy monitoring for festivals and events via either generators or distribution boards to give a detailed analysis of generator loads, efficiency, and power use across site

Wattsun: stackable battery packs that can be charged from the grid. Mainly useful on festival sites for applications like production offices, catering stands, first-aid posts, and potentially small stages.

E-Kite: wind power station that uses a kite (instead of turbines) to generate renewable electricity (currently testing a 50kW prototype)

GreenBattery: lithium battery system with 2,200 kWh intended for use at outdoor events as an alternative to generators

Unlimited Vision & Sound: supplier of lighting, sound, and AV equipment with extensive experience using LED lighting and a commitment to sustainability in their operations. The company is affiliated to Duurzaam Organiseren.

ZAP Concepts: consultant on energy management and planning for festivals, specialising in smart power plans and generator systems efficiency to save fuel.

Duurzaam Organiseren: consultancy for sustainable events that also runs a certification scheme

Evenementenstroom: through Evenementenstroom, users with an account will be able to simply ‘plug in’ to the mains grid at event locations. The account will automatically calculate the amount of energy used and bill directly so that an organiser can have easy access to mains power for the duration of an event. This is a new company, so no event locations are live yet – but they are currently in discussion with Amsterdam-Centrum about the city-administered event locations, and Winterparadijs Oirschot.


Awards and certifications:

Barometer Sustainable Events: bronze/silver/gold certification scheme for green events that covers organisation/management for sustainability, energy, water, mobility, location/venue, and catering.  Run by Stichting Duurzaam Organiseren, NL.

Green Key: provide a range of certification for businesses including hotels – there is a Green Key certification for events.

Julie’s Bicycle Creative Industry Green: environmental certification scheme ranging from 1-3 stars specifically designed for the creative industries, available for festivals/outdoor events, venues, and offices.

A Greener Festival Awards: environmental sustainability award for outdoor events and festivals.

If you would like to recommend a local supplier, venue, or event with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainable energy, please get in touch! 


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