One of the biggest challenges facing Poland is its dependence on carbon-intensive coal power. This means by default any clubs or venues in the country and any events or festivals getting energy from the grid will have a comparatively high carbon footprint. There is also still some lack of infrastructure to support environmental sustainability, particularly for small businesses – it may therefore make sense for events organisers to focus as much on communicating and campaigning on greener energy as to focus on their own operations.

It is also possible to recognise the opportunities offered by this context. For example, the Festival Tauron Nowa Muzyka in Katowice takes place in the post-industrial surrounding of a closed down coal mine, whose entire infrastructure remains mostly intact and available for all visitors. In this way, art reclaims the space previously dedicated to a polluting industry to build something celebratory in its stead. However, the festival's headline sponsor is also one of Poland's biggest energy companies - with huge interests in polluting coal mining - showing the complexity of addressing this issue particularly in countries where the overall energy infrastructure is still predominantly based on high-carbon fuels. 


Guides, resources and events:

Zielone Wydarzenia (Green Events): this was a campaign to look at putting in place the framework required for running greener events of all kinds in Poland. As part of this, a Green Festivals Guide was published, featuring case studies from other festivals and advice for events organisers on reducing their environmental impact (including a whole section on energy). Read it here. http://zielonewydarzenia.pl/pl/i.133.id.1015.0/Zielone_Festiwale._Praktyczny_poradnik_[NOWO%C5%9A%C4%86].html


The Green Events campaign was run by Aeris Futuro, who have since published an updated version of the Green Events Guide – this features fewer case studies, but more structured advice on sustainable events organisation. http://new.zielonewydarzenia.pl/files/pliki/PORADNIK_calosc_internet_20_09.pdf [PDF]

Polish Green Building Council: the PLGBC is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to promote sustainable design, construction and operations of buildings. They provide guidance on energy efficient construction that may be useful for any venues or clubs undergoing renovation or capital development.


Zielony Instytut (Poland Green Institute): a policy think-tank and campaigning organisations addressing energy efficiency and sustainable energy in Poland. Their resources include a publication on ‘energy democracy’ and the role that small and medium enterprises can play in taking social control over the supply of energy (mainly by installing their own renewable energy): http://www.zielonapolityka.pl/index.php/publikacje 

They have also published a guide and overview to small-scale and renewable energy installations in Poland: http://demokracjaenergetyczna.pl/uploads/images/pdf/Poradnik_maloskalowe_OZE_.pdf


National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW): distributes funding for projects that reduce environmental impact. The key strand of interest to clubs and venues looking for funding is the ‘Energy-saving investments in SMEs’ programme for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects http://www.nfosigw.gov.pl/oferta-finansowania/srodki-krajowe/programy-priorytetowe/inwestycje-energooszczedne-w-msp/

Awards and certifications:

Julie’s Bicycle Creative Industry Green: environmental certification scheme ranging from 1-3 stars specifically designed for the creative industries, available for festivals/outdoor events, venues, and offices.  http://www.juliesbicycle.com/industry-green

A Greener Festival Awards: environmental sustainability award for outdoor events and festivals.  http://www.agreenerfestival.com/agf-award


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Michael Korzeniowski is a journalist, PR specialist, and supervisor of advertising campaigns and social actions. He works in an advertising agency, specializing in communication and digital services for brands and institutions. He is also a music and festivals lover, sometimes appearing as DJ Beatman.


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