The Spanish music event industry has been under a lot of pressure in recent years due to the economic downturn. The industry was also severely impacted as government increased VAT on concert (and other cultural) tickets from 8% to 21% in 2012, significantly increasing ticket prices to consumers. In June 2013, the industry announced a drop of more than 27.5% in ticket sales for live events following the increase in VAT, which adds to struggles including the almost total disappearance of public subsidies, and a general drop in consumption. Profit margins have all but disappeared (dropping from 15-20% for a sold out show to 2-7%); though major festivals are far less affected. This means possible financial savings could be a major driver, but the industry may not be willing/able to make investments at present.

 Sustainability consultancy Ephymera Sostenibilidad published a report in 2013 on attitudes to sustainability in the Spanish events industry but while some respondents were from music/festivals, predominantly the respondents were from corporate event agencies. Results show that the majority of respondents (82%) think sustainability will grow in importance for event organisers in the coming years, with key perceived issues waste/energy/catering (in that order), and that there is generally an appetite for more sustainability at events - but not yet any scale-able solutions or organised know-how for the industry to build on.


Guides, resources and events:

SOSTENIBILIDAD A MEDIDA is a sustinability consultancy for tours and events - also run Te Hago ECO, a blog that writes on event sustainability - including a round-up of global music event sustainability initiatives and actively seeking out already-existing Spanish resources on everything from waste to transport.

Te Hago ECO have also published a survey/study of attitudes to sustainability among event organisers, and in particular attempting to reach an 'added value' figure for sustainable events – the most recent edition was published in 2014.

Ephymera Sostenibilidad - sustainability consultancy for outdoor events.



EE Suppliers:

Grupo Casli Soluciones Energeticas is a local hire company of energy equipment able to supply Firefly Clean Energy Pyxis, Pictor and Cygnus renewable generator units for events.!generador-solar/cee5

If you would like to recommend a local supplier with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainable energy, please get in touch!


Awards and certifications:


UniversoVivo: Sustainability communications, and sustainability consulting for events. They run a sustainability certification for cultural festivals in Spain. There's the "Certificado VIVO" and a lower-tier "Compromiso VIVO" - i.e. commitment. Work with Dia de La Musica.


EE MUSIC in Spain

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EE MUSIC Ambassador and EE MUSIC Energy Consultant: 

Antonio Cañas – Greenize


Antonio Cañas is an industrial engineer with a deep knowledge and international experience in ecodesign, life cycle analysis, energy efficiency and renewable energies. He is the founder and manager of Greenize, an engineering company dedicated to working with businesses in the cleantech and renewable energy industries and businesses focused on sustainability.


He also promotes a range of events including music, performances and films, aiming to spread culture everywhere and anytime. Since 2014 he is proud to be the Ambassador and Energy Expert for EE MUSIC in Spain. In 2015 he was a member of the jury of Premios Fest, the first music festival awards in Spain, as sustainability expert.