EE MUSIC Launch, Austria –
Saturday Brunch at Waves Festival

We will start the EE MUSIC Launch Austria in the cozy setting of a Saturday Brunch at the
Waves Festival Vienna, in the main room of the Waves festival center ‘Alte Post’. International
top speakers, like Jacob Bilabel from the Green Music Initiative, Germany, and Chiara Baldini,
UK, will present smart energy solutions for music events and discuss international best
practice examples relating to energy management for clubs, concert halls and outdoor
festivals: How can music events use their energy more efficiently? How do international top
locations such as the Wembley Stadion, the Melt! Festival and the Glastonbury deal with
energy? Which role does smart energy consumption play at Austrian music events? These and
other questions will be dealt with in these short talks.

Another feature of the Austria Launch at the Waves Festival in Vienna is the EE MUSIC Exhibition where the audiovisual artists Depart (Vienna) showcase their installation about music and energy. 

Location: Alte Post Hauptraum // press: // 
Waves Festival Centre @ Alte Post //Dominikanerbastei 11 // 1010 Wien


Jacob Bilabel – Green Music Initiative | DE


Jacob Bilabel’s think-do-tank Thema 1 from Berlin is at the forefront of the German sustainability scene. His project, the Green Music Initiative, supported top-festivals and locations from all over Europe in their energy management. The former Universal manager was one of the first to criticise the lack of awareness about resources and sustainability in the sector. The Green Music Initiative was also nominated for the Zeit Wissen Sustainability award.

Chiara Badiali – Julie’s Bicycle | UK


Chiara Badiali will present the ground-breaking work of the London sustainbility think-do-tank ‘Julie’s Bicycle’ in Vienna. Julie’s Bicycle was the first organisation worldwide to deal with sustainability in the music industry in a professional way. Aside from collaborations with Radiohead, the Glastonbury or the Wembley Stadion, their publications ‘The Power Behind Festivals’ and ‘Green Music’ gained worldwide publicity.

Bernhard Steirer – Elevate Festival | AT


The festival for music and political discourse from Graz will organise the Europe tour of the project. Bernhard Steirer, co-founder of the Elevate, will speak about sustainability and energy use from the perspective of a festival promoter.

Michael Hutchison – Hutchisonsound – Energy Efficient Event | AT


Michael Hutchison is a pioneer in consulting for resource conscious events in austria and south eastern europe. Efficient usage of space, energy saving technologies and revolutionary approaches are the most important principals. through their network including “pioneers of change”, “impact hub vienna”, the austrian “umweltzeichen” and global 2000 (biggest austrian environmental ngo) it is possible to offer a huge variety of services in the field of sustainability and media.

Rauminstallation von Depart | AT


Within the context of the Waves Festival, the audio-visual data artists Depart from Vienna will display a spatial installation dealing with the subjects of music and energy. Last year, the Viennese artists developed an installation for the Soundcloud headquarters in Berlin.


Jacob Bilabel (GMI, EE MUSIC | DE)
Chiara Badiali (Julie’s Bicycle, EE MUSIC | UK)
Thomas Heher (Waves Festival | AT)
Bernhard Steirer (Elevate Festival, EE MUSIC | AT)
Michael Hutchison (Hutchisonsound | AT)



EE MUSIC Exhibition at the Waves Festivals 2014

The Exhibition can be visited in the Waves festival center in the ‚Alte Post‘ from Thursday to Sunday and will afterwards move to the site of the event.


Waves Festival, Austria:
Vienna, October 4, from 3 PM until 6 PM. Drinks afterwards!


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