EE MUSIC at Berlin Music Week

Next week, our project partner, Green Music Initiative, is hosting a roundtable at the Berlin Music Week. Renowned representatives of the music industry will participate and deal with the topic of energy consumption of music events.

The goal of the half-day roundtable is to propose solutions to two core questions.

  1. How can venues communicate their green commitment to agents, bookers, artists and their managements in a credible and convincing manner?
  2. Which questions regarding green production (of a tour or a concert) should artists address to venues as well as to their own production? 

The number of participants for this roundtable is very limited. If you are interested in participating and fit the target groups, send an e-mail to Roman Dashuber ( to sign up for the roundtable.

EE MUSIC session at the Berlin Music Week:
Berlin, 4 September, 11 - 16.00.
More information will follow soon. 


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