REPORT: EE MUSIC Ambassadors Round Table, Barcelona, 10 December 2015

As part of the main EE MUSIC EUROPE AWARDS event, the Ambassadors Round Table took place on the 10 December 2015, in Apple Tree Communications in Barcelona, few hours before the Final Awards Gala.

The objective was to gather as many EE MUSIC Ambassador as possible, in order to encourage exchange amongst our ambassadors, project partners, good practice festivals and venues and the European Commission.

EE MUSIC Ambassadors Round Table in Barcelona

The roundtable was facilitated by Alison Tickell, founder and CEO of Julie’s Bicycle, and Jacob Bilabel, founder of the Green Music Initiative, with the help Katrina Sichel which moderated the session. Here the ambassadors were invited to join a discussion about the barriers and opportunities for a sustainable music culture in Europe, what role each one could play in the future as a pioneer in each country, and what kind of legacy we could build on the EE USIC project.

EE MUSIC aimed to scale up skills and knowledge within the industry on energy efficiency and sustainable energy management, to stir up an industry-wide conversation amongst music event professionals, venues, and festivals on how they use energy, and provide the tools and resources necessary for that transition. Over the past two years, the initiative has mobilized hundreds of clubs, events and outdoor festivals to become part of a broader cultural movement towards a more sustainable future, and lay the foundation of a music industry that is engaged with intelligent energy management.

 "Across Europe, operating in hugely varied contexts, we found a group of people within the music event industry who want to create a better world – and who are taking the initiative to change the system by design. Our biggest goal is not to have a green movement, but to make green the overall standard in the industry.”  Jacob Bilabel, founder, Green Music Initiative

All the participants of the Ambassadors Round Table were invited to join the EE MUSIC EUROPE AWARS Gala, which was also an excellent opportunity to meet other stakeholders from the music and sustainability sectors from all over Europe.

 EE MUSIC EUROPE AWARDS, including the Ambassadors Round Table is an event 100% e)mission neutral certified!

The EE MUSIC project took responsibility for the climate impact of this event and overcompensated for it by offsetting 150 tCO2e - 6 times as much as the actual carbon emissions of the event. This was done by supporting the Argibem Project in Brazil which is part of the e)mission portfolio of projects that reduce emissions while contributing to local sustainability.

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