REPORT: EE MUSIC EUROPE AWARDS, Barcelona, 10 December 2015

At a ceremony in Barcelona on the 10th of December the pan-European EE MUSIC project awarded the most innovative and effective initiatives, festivals, clubs and event organisers across Europe for their outstanding achievements in developing an energy efficient music culture.

The EE MUSIC Europe Awards nominees, winners, and extended EE MUSIC team

The EE MUSIC carbon footprint installation, designed by Florian Puschmann of White Elephant Studio, Austria, at the EE MUSIC Europe Awards in Barcelona, Spain

Attendees at the EE MUSIC Europe Awards in Barcelona, Spain, look at the concept of an energy efficient Event of the Future

The EE MUSIC Europe Awards Ceremony in Barcelona was hosted at the Antigua Fábrica Estrella Dam, and supported by RTVE Radio3.

And… the EE MUSIC Europe Award winners are… Mysteryland (NL), Village Underground (UK), Clubmob (DE) and Solar Sound System (FR/CH)!!! Congratulations!!!

They were recognised at the EE MUSIC Europe Awards for the most outstanding engagement with energy and energy efficiency in the European music event production industry.

EE MUSIC STAR FESTIVAL: Mysteryland, Netherlands 

Lyke Poortvliet and Paul Schurink of Mysteryland, Netherlands

For a total reduction in overall energy use per visitor day of 43%, a significant upscaling of sustainable biodiesel use, innovative use of new monitoring technology through start-up Watt Now and ID&T’s overall audience engagement with environmental sustainability through their Celebrate Life campaign.

Juliane Bogner representing the Festivalgelande Wiesen, in Austria, is honored to have received the runner-up distinction in the star festival category as a distinction of appreciation and support for the environmental, social and sustainable work that has been carried out. She hopes Wiesen festivals will be the reference for green festivals in Austria and Europe.

EE MUSIC STAR CLUB: Village Underground, UK

Ty Vigrass from Village Underground, UK

For its significant investment into energy efficiency across the venue including LED lighting and infrared heating resulting in energy consumption per m2 significantly below UK and European benchmarks, its use of a 100% renewable energy tariff, its innovative use of a living roof to address twin challenges of temperature insulation and noise insulation, and its visible commitment to environmental sustainability through the reclaimed London underground carriages serving as creative offices and studios on the roof of the venue.

MaiNoi and Electric Castle Festival are honored to have received the runner-up distinction in the star venue category as a sign of appreciation and support for the environmental programme run at Electric Castle 2015 and its Music Drives Change campaign, involving artists as endorsers of sustainability messages.

EE MUSIC STAR CAMPAIGN: Clubmob Munich, Germanyand Solar Sound System, France (joint winners)

Mehtap von Stietencron from Clubmob München

Clubmob for its integrated approach to audience outreach that helps unlock investment for energy improvements while also making the audience part of systemic change and actively contributing to energy efficiency in a model that is replicable around Europe.

Cédric Carles from Solar Sound System, France/ Switzerland

Solar Sound System for its approach to audience engagement that demystifies the concepts of ‘energy’, ‘renewable energy’, and ‘energy efficiency’, making a tangible connection between sound and energy, in a package that can be taken to the street across the globe and for its cross-sector collaboration between artists, scientists and engineers that is creating new technology from the ground up.

The jury also distributed a number of discretionary awards to recognize outstanding contributions to the EE MUSIC project and project legacy:


Gerolf Wicher of the Wicher Agency and Bernhard Steirer one of the founding members of the Elevate Festival, consortium representatives of the EE MUSIC Region Styria

For bringing together local government (Land Steiermark), local energy supplier and energy consultants (Energie Steiermark), and local cultural venues to provide a framework for on-going support and improvements for energy efficiency in the local creative event production sector.


For its long-standing commitment to environmental sustainability and energy management and efficiency, including in-depth carbon footprinting of its global events, its community outreach programmes such as its sponsorship of solar panels for schools in Brazil, and its generosity in sharing data and knowledge with the EE MUSIC project and broader music event industry.

EE MUSIC GREEN PRODUCTION PIONEER: Eurovision Song Contest 2015, Austria

Richard Krebs and Caterina Hofirek of Eurovision Song Contest

For its ambitious achievement to power Europe’s largest televised production entirely through a green tariff from the mains electricity grid and battery power, eliminating generator use and avoiding the use of over 400,000 L of diesel, far-reaching audience communications on the event’s environmental sustainability by public broadcaster ORF, and the legacy it leaves for future ESC productions in other European countries.

EE MUSIC DIAMOND AMBASSADOR: Antonio Cañas Rojas, Greenize, Spain

Antonio has been the Spanish Ambassador and Consulting Expert of EE Music, and in 2015 was a member of the jury and sustainability expert for Premios Fest, the first music festival awards in Spain. Founder and Manager of Greenize, an engineering company dedicated to working with businesses in the Cleantech and Renewable Energy industries, and businesses focused on Sustainability, he is also a music, performance and film promotor whose aim is to spread culture everywhere and anytime.

Antonio was one of the main organizers of this event. The EE MUSIC Europe Awards Ceremony in Barcelona was supported byRTVE Radio3, the Antigua Fábrica Estrella Dam, Apple Tree Communications and Fabra i Coats in Spain.

EE MUSIC EUROPE AWARDS, an event 100% e)mission neutral certified!

The EE MUSIC project took responsibility for the climate impact of this event and overcompensated for it by offsetting 150 tCO2e - 6 times as much as the actual carbon emissions of the event. This was done by supporting the Argibem Project in Brazil which is part of the e)mission portfolio of projects that reduce emissions while contributing to local sustainability.

The carbon footprint of the EE MUSIC EUROPE AWARDS and Final Consortium Meeting is estimated to be 25 tonnes of CO2e, this includes the main greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, arising from flights to (and from) Barcelona by all EE MUSIC collaborators; local travels (taxi trips and other transportation); accommodations in hotels, in Barcelona; energy, water and catering at the venue of the Gala; and also local travel done by the participants at the event.

"As world leaders reach a universal agreement on limiting climate change in Paris, it is now up to civil society and business to help us translate this into reality. It is courageous pioneers who enable us to change the conversation. The EE MUSIC Award winners, and countless of the organisations and individuals we have encountered throughout Europe, are taking on that leadership role within the music event industry. Now, we need to find a collective narrative within which everyone can find their own voice.”  Alison Tickell, CEO and founder, Julie’s Bicycle.

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