REPORT: EE MUSIC Workshop, France

The EE MUSIC Workshop about energy efficiency in festivals and in music industry was organised in Paris by Mains d‘oeuvres in cooperation with MAAD93 and RIF, two relevant music networks in Paris region on the 1st December 2015, during COP21 in Paris.

The workshop was led by expert from Julie‘s Bicycle, Teresa Agudo who taked about energy efficiency measures and presented the EE MUSIC IG Tools to the audience. Another highlight were the presentations of two testimonies:  Solar Sound System and Fairplaylist projects both presented their work and experiences.

The proximity with November‘s Paris attacks and the number of events proposed during the cop21 made our capacity to gather music professionals, promoters and festival producers really hard during this sad period in Paris. However, a lot professionals registred with their e-mail adresses to gether more information  about the project and sent really good vibes about this workshop implementation. Therefore it was possible to provide selected topics as well as guides and manuels for a big number of clubs in France.

During the Workshop there was a rich debate - participants were able to understand that music events can save money with a better energy management system and the use of renewable energy sources and understood that they can spread this way of thinking their projects and venues. The presentation of the EE MUSIC tools was really helpful and there have been some interesting examples of how the invoices can be used in the website.

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