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        Use the EE Music IG Tools to calculate the carbon footprint of your event, venue or festival and spot potential energy and money savings.

The first step to action is to understand your environmental impacts and energy use. Calculate your carbon footprint with the EE MUSIC IG Tools.  

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The EE MUSIC IG Tools are carbon calculators designed specifically for use by venues and outdoor events. The tools help event organisers and venue owners measure, report, and understand their energy use and environmental impacts, and compare their performance to industry averages. They can provide a foundation for effective energy management strategies and are helping to build a Europe-wide understanding of energy use in the music events sector.  

The Tools have been adapted from the Julie’s Bicycle Creative IG Tools (currently being used by over 2,000 arts organisations globally) and are free to use in all countries, with English, German, Polish, Portuguese, French, Latvian, Bulgarian, and Spanish newly available as language options. 

Most basic carbon calculators are designed for individuals at home or office-based businesses. They measure impacts like office energy use and staff travel.

 As we know, the arts don’t often tick the ‘one size fits all’ box. So, like you, we had to be creative. They even have sector-specific metrics. For example, we measure the impact of festivals per ‘audience day’.

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EE MUSIC IG Tools Greenhouse Gas Conversion Factors:

To see the emission conversion factors used by the IG Tools to calculate an organisation's carbon footprint, please see the following documents:




  Some example screenshots of EE MUSIC IG Tools results pages.