About the Project

We offer cost-free services and knowledge for energy efficient and sustainable music event production. We are active in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.



EE MUSIC Launches, Workshops and Festival Training Events

EE MUSIC is holding events in 27 European countries. We know that the best way to make change happen is to enable conversation. EE MUSIC Launches are taking place during major music festivals in ten European countries, bringing together key music event industry players, artists, energy and sustainability experts, as well as suppliers to examine the energy use and energy saving opportunities in the sector and to inspire further action.

EE MUSIC Workshops will take place in 27 European countries to encourage and equip clubs and venues with key knowledge and tools to begin understanding and improving energy efficiency and performance. EE MUSIC Festival Training Events are taking place in five different countries, looking at energy management specifically from an outdoor events perspective – from stakeholder relations to generator sizing.


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Energy Expert Training Events and Energy Audits

EE MUSIC also offers more in-depth training on energy management for small- to medium-sized venues and clubs. We want to remove knowledge barriers between energy efficiency and the music industry. Our special train-the-trainer courses are aimed at energy consultants who do not have experience working with the music event industry, as well as venue facilities managers and production professionals with an interest in acting as ‘multipliers’ for good practice in the industry.

We are also offering free energy audits to selected venues. The EE MUSIC Energy Audits consist of a review of data and evidence on current building energy performance and supply and any efficiency measures in place; this is accompanied by a site visit to see how energy is monitored and managed in the building. The auditors are then able to identify energy and carbon hotspots and measures to reduce energy use and costs.


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Webportal and EE MUSIC IG Tools

The EE MUSIC web platform is full of tools and resources to help those involved in music events tap into their energy efficiency savings. The Events of the Future database offers detailed case studies of pioneering energy efficient venues and events. Our training materials and other guides are available for download, and there are country sections for each of the participating 27 European countries listing local suppliers and other useful information.

The website also includes the EE MUSIC IG Tools. The IG Tools are a set of free carbon calculators developed by Julie’s Bicycle specifically for the cultural and creative industries in the UK, now adapted to help venues and outdoor events across Europe. By using the Tools, festivals and venues can better understand how much and what type of energy they use and calculate their carbon impact. This information can help users manage energy performance over time, and the resulting carbon footprint data can be easily used for internal or external communication.


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EE MUSIC Exhibition and EE MUSIC Mixtape series

At the EE MUSIC Exhibitions, the project, relevance of energy efficiency and sustainable energy solutions, are presented to music lovers from all over Europe in an innovative way. The Exhibition is installed at major European music events and feature spatial, generative data art and a CO2 aura balloon exhibition.

The Elevate Festival presents the EE MUSIC mixtape series in which DJs reflect on global warming and the social responsibility of artists in promoting societal change. All in all 4 mixtapes will be released in cooperation with EE MUSIC media partners.


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EE MUSIC aims to create a dialogue amongst leaders of the industry on how to establish an efficient and sustainable energy music culture in Europe. EE MUSIC workshops and training events share skills on energy management for many affected groups: promoters, production professionals and energy consultants, as well as venue owners and operators. The EE MUSIC web platform provides information on international good practice and concrete recommendations for efficiency measures. Additionally, free access to the EE MUSIC IG Tools is offered; a sector-specific CO2 calculator for venues and festivals intended to help event organisers track their carbon impacts. The project is coordinated by WIP Renewable Energies and financially supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Commission. It unites pioneering sustainability initiatives like Julie’s Bicycle (UK) and the Green Music Initiative (D), energy consultancies and agencies, the Elevate Festival (AT) and communication agencies, with the aim to build capacities for energy management and energy efficiency in the music sector.