On Wednesday May 5th 2014 we successfully launched EE MUSIC in the Bargehouse, in Great Britain/ London. The event assembled high-ranking experts from the European music event industry who dis- cussed energy strategies for festivals and music venues in a panel discussion the night before the ILMC industy conference. Our British partners Julie’s Bicycle organized this evening in cooperation with Powerful Thinking and presented their pioneering work to the audience. The United Kingdom leads the way in matters of sustainability and sustainable energy management for the music industry. Julie’s Bi- cycle published a number of studies and publications about the British music industry such as the no- table publication The Power Behind Festivals which is based on an analysis of British music festivals.








Chris Johnson from Powerful Thinking presented his outstanding work at Shambala Festival

First steps are promising... but we can go further.

While the speakers present at the panel discussion emphasized that Great Britain belongs to tone of the pioneer countries in the domain of sustainable event productions, they also acknowledged that many music events still need to catch up in the matters of energy efficiency and management as well as sustainable event productions. The speakers also discussed issues such as the importance of a pan-European cooperation with regard to sustainable energy consumption in the music event industry and the role of artists in this process.

A Round of Experts

The participants in the panel discussion:
Carlijn Lindemulder | Head of Sustainability, ID&T, Netherlands
Chris Johnson | Director Shambala Festival, Chair Powerful Thinking, UK
Alison Tickell | Chief Executive, Julie’s Bicycle, UK
Katie Maddison | Creative Producer and Sustainability Coordinator, Bestival, UK
Auro Foxcroft | Director, Village Underground, UK
Hattie Park | Manager of Environmental, Sustainability, BBC Policy and Strategy Unit, UK
Martha Bissman | EE MUSIC Project Leader, WIP Renewable Energies, Germany
Jacob Bilabel | Green Music Initiative, Germany







Top speakers discussed sustainable energy solutions for music events

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