Training-the-Expert on Energy Efficiency in the Music and Event Industry  Malta, 5th December 2014

On the 5 December 2014, Projects in Motion Ltd. and EE MUSIC organized a free one-day training workshop on energy efficiency in the music, entertainment and event industry aimed at clubs, production professionals and energy experts.

The workshop was led by Chiara Badiali from Julie’s Bicycle, and featured information on efficient energy use, energy management and sustainability in the music event industry across both venues and festivals. Brian Restall and Stefan Schaa from Projects in Motion supported the event, supplementing local context and experiences from Malta.

Participants were introduced to the best practice guidelines offered by EE MUSIC, and the EE MUSIC IG Tools, which are a set of free and easy-to-use carbon and energy calculators for creative companies to measure energy consumption and carbon on an annual or per-activity basis.  

Discussions particularly focused on the local situation of event organisers, promoters, and producers. Points were raised that events in Malta often tap into the existing electricity grid without proper energy consumption monitoring. Outdoor spaces are typically government owned and consumption of a particular event is often difficult to isolate. There was a call for more involvement and support on establishing a better monitoring infrastructure for tapping into the mains grid.

Also, due to Malta’s small size, and since most events are happening close to central areas, the issue of generator efficiencies is of less importance due to the proximity to the local grid, and only smaller backup generators are typically needed.

Finally the lack of economies of scale implies that it is often unfeasible for event organisers to invest in their own (energy efficient) equipment and consequently outsource to audio and visual equipment providers. Hence there is little capacity building on the technical side for event organisers. However, it was also raised that many of the local sound/AV companies do have LED and other energy efficienct stock available.  

Please click here to download a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation from the event [62.9 MB]




9:00 – Welcome [Stefan, PiM]

9:30 – EE MUSIC: introduction and main objectives [Stefan, PiM]

9:45 – Attendee introductions: what would everyone like to get out of the day?

10:00 – Music & Carbon: an overview [Chiara, JB]


11:00 – Walk through the training materials & case studies [Chiara, JB]

11:45 – Q&A/Discussion: How do we create change and what are some of the specific   challenges and opportunities in Malta? [Chiara, JB; Stefan & Brian, PiM]

12:30 – LUNCH

13:15 – The EE MUSIC IG Tools and other sector-specific tools [Chiara, JB]

13:30 – Interactive EE MUSIC IG Tools session [Chiara, JB]

14:00 – Examples of communications campaigns [Chiara, JB]


14:30 – Discussion: where next? [ALL]



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