EE MUSIC Train-the-Expert, Lisbon, Portugal 28th November 2014

The EE MUSIC Train-the-Expert event about energy efficiency in venues and clubs was organised by TerraSystemics in cooperation with CTL – Culture Trend Lisbon, on the 28th November 2014, at the POVO in Lisbon, Portugal. A one day workshop for clubs, production professionals and energy experts, it was led by experts from Julie's Bicycle and TerraSystemics.

Participants were able to gain specialist knowledge about energy management in clubs and venues, understand industry-specific tools such as the EE MUSIC IG Tools and become a part of the EE MUSIC network.


The event put in touch different players of the supply chain, including sound/AV suppliers, clubs, energy consultants, artist representatives, and even a representative from ADENE (the Portuguese Energy Agency). This provided us with the opportunity to discuss together their different points of view of their roles in the music industry and synergies in the field of energy efficiency.

Image: Antonio Cañas Rojas, Greenize (EE MUSIC Ambassador in Spain) and Filipe Camilo, ADENE

We had healthy discussion about:


  • Energy needs in Portugal being very different from some other parts of Europe, with much less heating required in clubs but a necessary focus on air conditioning, which tends to be one of the highest consumers of energy.
  • How to communicate with artists – and whether responsibility for taking action lies with the venues, the promoters, the suppliers, or the artists (our conclusion? It takes a combination of all…)
  • Regular surges in electricity in the mains grid making technical staff very nervous about switching equipment on/off – and the opportunity and need for installing voltage optimisation in clubs/venues related to this.
  • The difficulty of taking action on energy efficiency in a world of constrained budgets, tight margins, and in a sector where people tend to be overworked – so there is a very clear need to focus on a particular set of actions and how to integrate these into working processes, rather than trying to do everything at once.
  • The power of the EE MUSIC IG Tools to provide venues and clubs with a no-cost carbon footprint as a cost-effective ‘light’ version of a full carbon audit, that can be used for communicating on environmental sustainability and demonstrating commitments. 

Here you can download the presentations of the EE MUSIC Train-the-Expert in Lisbon:


Also check out the full gallery of photos from the event on Facebook! 

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