REPORT: EE MUSIC Workshop: Norrköping, Sweden

Co-hosted by the Where’s the Music? festival and conference and organised by our EE MUSIC Ambassadors in Sweden FIFTI (Fight It From The Inside), the EE MUSIC Workshop in Sweden was presented by Luke Ramsay from Julie’s Bicycle.

Its audience reflected the variety of stakeholders in an energy efficient music culture: from Danish supplier Volt, who specialise in portable phone-charging solutions for festivals and are looking to use more renewable energy, to Sensus: a Swedish national organisation whose main goal is to encourage musicians in their process, helping them with financing projects, offering rehearsal spaces, organising festivals, club nights and workshops all over the country.

Environmental sustainability is already well-ingrained in the practice of many festivals in Sweden with inspiring pioneers like Way Out West leading the way, but this has not yet translated to wide-spread awareness and action in venues.

The participants were especially interested in the concept of Green Riders (specifications or requests on environmental sustainability sent out alongside venue technical specs or artist technical and hospitality riders) as a mechanism to improve communication between different stakeholders and make environmental sustainability a part of regular operations and conversation in the industry.

There was a general call for more research on how audience behaviour can change as a result of communication and campaigns run by venues and events, also to be able to better demonstrate the positive impact the industry can have.

Along with our EE MUSIC Ambassadors, we want to take this dialogue forward, to continue spreading good practice in the Swedish music industry and translate an energy efficient culture to venues, clubs, and promoters through EE MUSIC and beyond.


Luke RamsayEE MUSIC Workshop


Event Details

13 February 2015 / Dynamo, Hallarna / 14:30 - 17:00 

We're holding an EE MUSIC Workshop at the Where's The Music? music industry showcase and conference festival in Norrköping, Sweden, on the 13th February in partnership with local production company and EE MUSIC Ambassador FIFTI (Fight It From The Inside). Luke Ramsay from EE MUSIC partner Julie's Bicycle will be presenting.

Rising energy costs and an increased interest in environmental sustainability is making sustainable energy management a growing topic of importance in the music event production industry, but there is frequently a knowledge barrier preventing effective action. Looking to scale up existing good practice and skills, EE MUSIC is the largest energy awareness campaign in the history of the European music event industry, holding events on better energy use in 27 European countries

The workshop in Sweden will cover:

  • Practical and sector-specific advice on making energy savings (and often, money savings!) in clubs and venues.
  • Best practice case studies on energy management and use of renewable energy by venues from across Europe.
  • How to use the EE MUSIC IG Tools, which are carbon calculators designed specifically for the creative industries to help venues and festivals monitor their environmental impacts and energy use on a monthly or yearly basis. The Tools have been adapted from the Julie's Bicycle Creative IG Tools, which are already being used by over 2000 arts and creative organisations in the UK and worldwide.
  • Discussion between venues and promoters on finding new ways of working that promote energy efficiency in the music event production industry.

EE MUSIC aims to change the music event industry relates to energy, kick-starting a movement to work better and more efficiently, and building a more resilient sector able to respond to the changing world we are finding ourselves in.

Attendance is free.

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