REPORT: EE MUSIC workshop Bratislava, 12.5.2015, A4 – Space for Contemporary Culture

EE Music workhsop in Bratislava was a unique event, bringing to Slovak club managers a new topic to think of. Although the ideas and practices of energy efficiency are not a new subject in Slovakia, it is not usual to connect them with music. EE Music workshop has offered a possibility to start thinking differently, to include energy efficiency ideas in areas such as art, culture and particularly music industry. The workhop in Bratislava was a half-day event including energy expert speech, good practice presentations and practical introduction to the IG Tools – the sector specific CO2 calculator.

After a brief presentation of the whole idea of EE MUSIC project, Marcel Lauko from the Energy Centre Bratislava concentrated on the hot spots of energy saving in clubs. He pointed to the need of systematic work, management systems and importance of effective planning in order to be energy efficient in music clubs. Most of the clubs function at nights when the energy rates are low, and it may be worth checking what rates you are on in your club. Also, have you ever thought of changing your stage lights for more economic and efficient ones? Or cleaning and maintaing your electric devices and appliances regularly, and setting them properly? Or how about hiring an energy consultant? Did you know that most of them work on commission? Mr. Lauko presented and offered practical and easy to do solutions, custom made to music clubs in Slovakia. His speech was followed by the BikeLab initiative presentation. Maroš Markovič presented this educational and fun project which shows you how hard it is to make energy. Two volunteers tried to power up videos that Maroš prepared. And it was quite a cycle for them, it seemed..


Fabulous lunch break created by the Sweet Home raw and vegan catering was followed by presentation of Michal Kaščák, the festival guru of Slovakia. The well-known festival promoter and musician, who is behind the biggest music festival in Slovakia – Pohoda – shared his practical experiences of dealing with the topic of energy efficiency at a big outdoor festival. He also shared some broader infromation when it comes to environmental sustainability as such. Pohoda festival is one of very few events in Slovakia that actually apply energy efficiency practices. After Michal´s presentation, Andrea Feierl from the Elevate festival presented the IG Tools to the workshop participants. She guided them throught the club version of the tools but also pointed to the festival and special events versions of it.
EE MUSIC workshop was a unique and one of its kind event in Slovakia, bringing a fresh and new knowledge for club managers and promoters. Althought the attendance was not very high, there was a good media campaign around it, informing public about the topic and its importance. EE MUSIC workshop in Bratislava was a first step to start thinking of energy efficiency practices in the context of music sector in Slovakia.

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